You will develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy

You will develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy. In a paper of three to four pages, offer your ideas for a promising HR assignment, development plan, and sustainment plan to support the strategy of an organization expanding to open offices in sub-Sahara Africa. Drawing from appropriate sources, develop a scenario that provides the business of the organization, identify how much expansion is taking place, and identify the countries in which the expansion is taking place. A useful starting point is estimating the total number of relocating employees that can be supported in the host country. Will the organization need to establish a commissary (for grocery purchases), banking and currency exchange, and limited urgent-care stations? Should the organization set assignment lengths of one year or two with families? What does research say is the optimal time period? If there are families, what would be the children’s school arrangements? How will the employees be housed? Do they need an increased housing allowance, or does the organization need to procure its own compound of apartment housing? It must be at least three pages in length. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your explanation. Your homework assignment response should be formatted in accordance with APA style. Please send it as a word doc and label it as HR Organizational Strategy of Sub Sahara Africa Research Paper

Sample Answer

The organization in question is a large technology company that specializes in software development and consulting services. Due to increasing demand for their services, the company has decided to expand its operations to several countries in order to tap into new markets and increase revenue.

The expansion plan includes opening new offices in several countries, including Germany, France, and India. The company estimates that it will need to relocate a total of 200 employees to these countries in order to properly staff the new offices.

In order to support these relocating employees, the organization will need to establish a number of support services in the host countries. These may include a commissary for grocery purchases, banking and currency exchange services, and limited urgent-care stations. Additionally, the organization will need to consider the needs of any employees who are relocating with their families.

Research has shown that the optimal assignment length for employees relocating with their families is typically between one and two years. This allows employees and their families to adjust to their new surroundings and make the most of the experience, while also minimizing disruptions to their personal lives.

If there are families, the organization will need to make arrangements for the children’s education. This may include enrolling them in local schools or providing a housing allowance to cover the cost of private school tuition.

Regarding housing, the organization will likely provide an increased housing allowance to cover the cost of housing in the host country. In some cases, the organization may also choose to procure its own housing compounds or apartment buildings in order to provide more secure and comfortable living arrangements for its employees.

Overall, the expansion plan will require careful planning and coordination in order to ensure that the relocating employees and their families are well-supported during the transition. The organization will need to work closely with local partners and experts in order to establish the necessary support services and make the necessary arrangements for housing and education.