Written assignments


1. Writing Assignment 1A: Federal Administrative Agencies(40 points)

For this Assignment, choose a federal administrative agency (a list can be found here: https://libraryguides.law.pace.edu/c.php?g=319332&p=2134043) to focus on.  Write and submit an explanation of how that administrative agency fulfills executive, legislative, and judicial functions that pertain to nursing.  In other words, how does that agency act like the federal government?  Can it set rules and standards that govern nurses?  Can it discipline nurses?  Can it resolve disputes between health care entities and the patients they serve?  These are just examples. This paper should be between 400-500 words. Appropriate reference citations are to be included.

2. Writing Assignment 2A: Malpractice Insurance(40 points)

Summarize your understanding of the coverage provided by your professional malpractice insurance policy and describe any legal issues you do not understand about the contract.  If you do not have professional malpractice insurance through your employer, or you do not have access to the policy document, find a sample policy online and use that for this Assignment.  Appropriate reference citations are to be included. Your summary should be 400-500 words.

3. Writing Assignment 3A: State Nurse Practice Act(40 points)

Locate and review your State’s Nurse Practice Act. Summarize the practice requirements and restrictions regarding the informed consent process for the state in which you practice. Tip: the law governing informed consent might not be contained within your state’s Nurse Practice Act, but rather, within your state’s case law.  Research other sources as necessary in order to locate it .Alternatively, summarize the most important aspects of your Nurse practice act related to the Registered Nurse. Your summary is to be 400-500 words.

Appropriate reference citations are to be included.

4. Writing Assignment 4A: Professional Journal Article Review(80)

In week four you are tasked with locating, summarizing, and analyzing an article from Nexis Uni or any other source through which you can obtain a peer-reviewed professional/academic journal article which relates to legal issues in the health care system.  The article must have been published within the past three years. Briefly summarize the article, but spend more time reflecting on it and relating it to both material covered in the course (from readings and discussions) as well as your professional life.  A guide to database resources is provided in the Week 1 materials.  Include in your paper the implications for health professionals and if you have any personal experience with the issue covered.  Papers are to be 800-1000 words.  Appropriate reference citations are to be included and APA format is to be utilized.

5. Writing Assignment 5A: Right to Die(40 points)

Discuss whether patients should be allowed to decide whether they should live or die.  Does the ethic of preserving life outweigh the patient’s right to make this decision?  Your response is to be 400-500 words.  While this Assignment should reflect your personal beliefs, appropriate reference citations are to be included.

6. Writing Assignment 6A: Paying for Medically Unnecessary and Futile Care(40 points)

Discuss whether patients and their families should be required to pay for medically unnecessary and futile care when such treatment is contrary to the prevailing standard of health care, and whether this determination should be made by the patient and their family, the insurance industry, the government, a patient’s medical team, or some combination thereof.  Your Assignment is to be 400-500 words.  Appropriate reference citations are to be included.

7. Written Summary, Presentation and Handout Weeks 4-7

  Research Paper Preview Summary – Class Presentation (80 points) Although the Final Research Paper identified in the Syllabus is due in Week Seven, each student is required a share a preview summary of their research findings with the class (either during Week 5 or Week 6). These preview summaries of the research findings are to be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, with a minimum of 20 slides. Students may choose to use another media such as a YouTube video if so desired (minimum 5 minutes in length), or any other media with pre-approval of the instructor. Students are expected to view all research preview summaries and post comments and constructive feedback for two summaries in this Discussion Board. It is very important that feedback be constructive and not too negative, and that all discussions are handled with respect for differing opinions. Special note – The peer review feedback is worth 20 points.

8. Research Paper (100 points) The Research Paper will reflect a thorough understanding of all sides of the issue. It must show a thorough analysis of all sides of the issue, not merely a personal opinion. The student must come to a position based on information researched and professional experiences. This paper is due Week 7. This paper requires that learners keep a journal every week and write responses to the given prompt based on all course readings and activities. Journaling helps learners to: · capture key thoughts · ask questions · provide a segue for further research · reflect on new concepts · plan for further guidance from course facilitator · apply concepts to their professional environment · analyze and synthesize new material, and facilitate original written material for their assignments.

 Writing the Summary Paper · Must be minimum of 7 – 10 pages double-spaced pages of text in length · Must include a cover page that includes the following: Ø Title of paper Ø Learner’s name Ø Immaculata University and Module name and number Ø Facilitator’s name Ø Date submitted · Must comply with APA format (APA format is demonstrated at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18/ ) · Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement. · Must include, in body of the paper, sufficient academic concepts (three to four) promhttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18/ ) ·. Each concept must be addressed in the following way: a. Reference an academic concept gleaned from classroom or reading experience during the course of this class. Be sure to cite properly using APA. When researching, be sure to employ Gabriele Library research sources and sound research practices to support your answers. b. Provide a context of experience where the learner saw this academic concept in operation. c. Re-address the concept and the experience with critical thought. (That is, how does this learner respond to the content, positively or negatively, and defend that position). · Conclusion must readdress thesis and provide a conclusion that considers paper content/evidence. · The final page(s) must be a References Page consistent with APA guidelines.