Writing Decisions – Reflection Activity

Select at least 3 of your completed journal entries, discussion posts, and assignments from this course to use for this assignment.  

Read the samples you selected and write notes to answer the following questions:

  • What do you like about your work?
  • What doesn’t seem quite right?
  • What feedback did your instructor provide?
  • If you used any spelling or grammar tools or received feedback from others, what did that feedback indicate?

Consider using the following strategies as you reflect on your writing:

  • Re-read your writing out of order. For instance, read the end or the middle of the passage before the beginning. Reading it this way disrupts the order and allows the errors to stand out.   
  • Cut and paste the excerpt into another document or enlarge the text. This type of strategy allows you to see the writing differently and see any patterns. 
  • Read the example aloud to yourself or use software to read it to you.  
  • Spell-check your work using Microsoft® Word or another grammar tool, such as Grammarly®. Have a trusted friend, peer, or family member review your work and discuss what to change. Using outside resources can provide a valuable perspective when you revise and edit your work.

Now that you’ve completed your review, provide a 100- to 175-word response to each of the following 10 reflective prompts. Review your completed responses for correct spelling, grammar, and clarity.

  1. Based on what you learned during this course, what genres do you recognize that you use personally, in your career, or college writing? Explain your response.
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  • What audiences do you think you will primarily address in your academic and professional careers? What types of writing (genres) do you feel will be most appropriate for these audiences? Explain your response.
    Enter your response here.
  • What was your favorite written work you created in the course and why? Include a quotation and/or description from that written work in your response and indicate which assignment it is from.
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  • Why might your favorite written work from this course that you identified in question 3 be effective for your readers? What skills or strengths did you demonstrate in writing it? How might you apply skills/strengths like these to other writing contexts?
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  • What patterns did you notice in the feedback you received during this course? Does the feedback tend to focus on audience, genre, structure, content, language, voice, or grammar? What feedback meant the most to you? Share or describe the feedback. How might the feedback help you improve your writing?
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  • As you consider the feedback you received about your writing during this course, what are 1 or 2 skills you want to improve upon as a writer? Why are those skills important to your development? How might working on those skills help you with personal communication during your college or career path?
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  • Select 1 paragraph from 1 assignment, journal entry, or discussion post you wrote during this course. You might choose something that relates to a writing skill you want to develop. Provide that paragraph in the space below and include the assignment it is from. Identify the writing’s intended audience, purpose, and the genre (form or type) you were creating. Explain how this selection represents your identity as a writer.
    Enter your response here.
  • Using the paragraph you identified in question 7, complete 1 of the following:  
    • Revise and rewrite the paragraph to address and incorporate feedback you received. (If you need help with the revision, see the optional resources in the assignment description in Blackboard®.)
    • If you discover through this assignment that your work is proficient and you want to further challenge yourself, rewrite the paragraph to address a different audience and see how your language and style change as a result.
      Enter your revision here.
  • Compare the paragraph you selected in question 7 to the revised paragraph you wrote in question 8. What did you consider as you made decisions about what to change or how to revise?
    Enter your response here.
  1. When your instructor shares feedback on this assignment, what would you find most valuable to help you strengthen your writing skills or craft? How do you believe your writing has changed throughout this course?
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