Write an essay discussing the guidelines to communicate inclusively within the team

This examination is composed of two parts. Each part consists of 1 question; answer all questions.

PART I (50 Marks)

In well written paragraphs, answer the following question.

  1. Read carefully the below problem text and write the following proposal sections in paragraph format:
  2. Analysis of the problem
  3. The reasons
  4.  Proposed solutions (mention 4)
  5. Risks to the organisation if the proposed changes are not made (mention 4)

Wallier Specialty Items Inc.  

The sales had shown double profit at the company of Mark Nash, named by Wallier Specialty Items Inc. in Dawson Creek, BC in a year which was out of expectations. However, the company was unable to cope with over demanding and workers were not able to handle a burden of work in a given period. Then a meeting was arranged by Nash to solve the issues. During the meeting some of the managers reported the following: First and foremost, it observed that the company has shown a lack of pre-planning that is why the company faced a mismatch between demand and supply moreover customers were in waiting list to get the reply of their queries quickly. Secondly, Absenteeism was increasing among the workers and it was difficult to fill that gap by the company by hiring new employees instead of providing them reliable work area. HR conducted a staff satisfaction survey last month, which was completed by 99% of staff, there were several issues identified by the staff: The current evening shift patterns (12p.m.–5a.m.) are not family friendly. High transportation cost and some staff are worried about their personal safety when travelling at night. Long working hours. Further, employers were not concerned about working conditions of laborers so staff members have lost the control over work due to an aggressive environment. The supervisors of different departments were ignoring each other’s poor strategy and leadership. Wallier Inc. rates of pay per hour for careers are lower than the rates offered by other competitors.

PART II (50 marks)

In well written essays of around 300 words, answer the following question.

  1. Working with others in teams or groups is a common practice in both workplace and academic contexts. Write an essay discussing the guidelines to communicate inclusively within the team (This question will test your essay writing and paraphrasing skills.)