why you chose to apply to WesternU’s College of Dental Medicine

Please explain why you chose to apply to
WesternU’s College of Dental Medicine
I am applying for dental school and I need to write a (Max of 500 words) about why I chose
to apply to WesternU’s College of Dental Medicine.
the school vision and mission are below:
WesternU College of Dental Medicine will be a premier center for integrative educational
innovation; basic and translational research; and high quality, patient-centered,
interprofessional health care, all conducted in a setting that utilizes advanced technology
and promotes individual dignity and potential for personal and professional growth.
The WesternU College of Dental Medicine will realize this vision by educating and training
highly competent, diverse groups of clinical practitioners who have the ability to provide
complex, integrative, high-quality, evidence-based care for patients, families and
communities. WesternU College of Dental Medicine will produce graduates who will be
ethical, caring life-long learners; who will collectively engage in clinical oral health care,
public health practice, biomedical and health services research, education and
administration; and who will fulfill their professional obligation to improve the oral health of
all members of society, especially those most in need. They will embrace scientific and
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technological advances and understand the connections between oral health and general
health. They will be partners in the interprofessional health care delivery systems of the
future, as well as leaders of their own oral health care teams, as they enhance and extend
the quality of life in their communities.
Why Choose WesternU?(I want to mention the points below and focus on the early clinical
training to develop my skills and the rich volunteering opportunities so I can help provide
healthcare services to underserved communities. I always wanted to become a dentist in the
areas that do not have access to oral care in my country, Iraq. Since I could not achieve that
goal in Iraq, I decided to pursue my dream in the United States. I chose WesternU to help me
accomplish my goal to provide help and assistance to communities in need in the United
States, the country where I was given another chance and hope to pursue my dream in
dentistry. My interest in dentistry stems from the need to spread awareness about the role
of oral health on overall health. My connection to the profession can be attributed to my
father’s health issues, precisely a heart problem his physician connected to oral health. With
such an understanding, I am hoping to emphasize the need for dental health in underserved
Also please mention that since WesternU is an innovative school, that would provide me a
great opportunity to learn and be up to date with all the developing technology.
A great Southern California location
(https://prospective.westernu.edu/dentistry/dmd/student-life/) with tremendous
clinical training opportunities as well as access to major cultural and recreational
resources (https://prospective.westernu.edu/dentistry/dmd/hotspots/)
A small, private, health-focused institution that fosters faculty/student interaction and
interprofessional learning
An innovative curriculum designed for the contemporary practice of dentistry
A long humanistic tradition at WesternU of treating patients as people first; treating
students as colleagues; and fostering camaraderie among students
Early clinical training (https://prospective.westernu.edu/dentistry/dmd/clinicalexperience/) opportunities that develop professional and communication skills
Early service-learning opportunities in a variety of community-based locations
emphasizing meeting community needs through assessment, education, and
preventive programs
Consistently high graduation, retention and first-time board pass rates help ensure
your success!
Outstanding student support services including tutoring
(https://www.westernu.edu/lead/lead-services/) and disability resources
Diverse student body and rich array of student club
(https://www.westernu.edu/students/students-clubs-1/westernu-clubs-1/) and
volunteer opportunitie