Why is trust important for effective team working

CA MOD 5 Draft

Why is trust important for effective team working in healthcare and how can trust be nurtured and developed within teams?

How trust is defined has been debated significantly by academics for years and various definitions arrived at, for the purposes of this paper the definition of (Tschannen-Moran, 2014) has been arrived at as a well-rounded and concise definition. That being “Trust is one’s willingness to be vulnerable to another based on the confidence that the other is benevolent, honest, open, reliable, and competent” (Tschannen-Moran, 2014 P.19) this utilises Tschannen-Moran’s research combining business, economic psychology and philosophy sources, drawing key themes to arrive at the result (Tschannen-Moran, 2014). This would concure with the research completed by (Hungerford and Cleary, 2021) who refer to trust being both a verb and noun implying a descriptive and and action therefore a knowledge or belief maybe that a person has a skill set to perfom a task or that they have a history of perfoming a task followed with an element of faith that they will perfom a task. The action of trusting or beiong deemed as trsutworthy can be see as building psycological safety (Gibb Dyer, Dyre and Dyre, 2013). In this sense there followes no requirement to have a freindship nor to like a person in order for trust to be present (Gibb Dyer, Dyre and Dyre, 2013). This would show just how important trust is within a healcare setting. Healthcare being a vast setting in the UK and golbally, the NHS being the fifth largest employer globally (Go to Job Board, 2021). It would follow that not all people within may like each other, however trust is an essential factor in success it has been said that clear evidence of trust is shown in engaged organisations (MacLeod and Clarke, 2009).

Trust among healthcare staff in the United Kingdom will be useful in promoting effective teams since there will be a reduction of work duplication amongst them (Frankel, Tilden and Suchman, 2019).

What is an effective team?

What happens if you don’t have an effective team

As a leader how can you fix an ineffective team and nurture trust within?