why Gallimard was so resoundingly deceived

Write a 4-page essay with a clear thesis and topic sentences on why Gallimard was so resoundingly deceived. Attached is the source material. Be sure to include quotes from the source material. Song delivers an incisive speech in the courtroom in which he attempts to explain why Gallimard was so resoundingly deceived that he was a woman. Song`says there are two reasons. The first is that men always believe what they want to hear. The second reason involves many mistaken assumptions by the Westerners about the “Orient.” Song’s list runs the gamut from the East being seen as inscrutable, feminine, submissive, and agreeable. Thrown in with this mistaken view of Asians is the Western male’s “rape mentality.”Song concludes that this is why Westerners will “lose in all dealings with the Orient.” Discuss the prejudices that surface in Hwang’s play and the relationship between East and West