“Where do I come from?

Since the default tool of reference these days is the Internet, this project asks you to use the Internet critically. In a nutshell, the assignment asks you to identify and read three or four websites that relate to your own family’s ethnic heritage. Then you will creatively write a 2-3 page letter back home to the old country from the new land, as an immigrant. The letter will describe why you decided to come to America, and will describe what life is like for you as an immigrant (where you are living, work you are doing, what it was like to come over, etc.). This letter home will incorporate what you have learned from your readings. Incorporate does not mean cut and paste from the Internet, although you must provide a “Works Cited” page at the end of the letter. You may also use information from our textbooks and readers, which also have quite a bit of information on immigration. This assignment asks you to be imaginative as you weave a story about yourself in the New World. Take a chance, have fun, put yourself in the shoes of an imaginary ancestor. Be sure to include a Works Cited section. 

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