What is the current status of customer service within AT&T

Discuss the following topics within the body of the paper: What is the current status of customer service within AT&T. Next, what would you do to improve customer service and how. Lastly, what will be the results of these implementations for AT&T? Remember, you are writing the paper from a managerial standpoint. You are the manager, supervisor, director, etc. in charge. The case study analysis paper must contain the following sections: APA style cover page. Introduction. Briefly summarize the key facts, scope and aspects of the case Body of the paper. Conclusion. Summarize your findings and recommendations References. (Minimum of 3 References). The introduction should provide a brief but sufficient foundation for understanding the case, its key facts and pressing issues. Students should focus their efforts in the body of the paper by providing adequate analysis based on the facts of the case, as opposed to an elaborate description of such facts. Good writing, consistent logic and cogent arguments are positive traits of any written assignment and will be considered for grading purposes. Students are required to use proper APA-style in-text citations and referencing. A Case Analysis Paper using APA-style formatting.