Web content creation assignment

1400 words


These tasks are already done >> check out (web content 1) attachment to know about the topic

l Personal Bio

l Avatar & avatar annotation

l Narrating Personal Interest

l Introducing Your Topic

Now the required writing tasks to submit are as follows:

l Creating Generative Value (600 words)

l Entering the Conversation (200 words)

l Remediating for 280 Characters (600 words)

 Creating Generative Value

In this section, you are to take a current news item, choose one related to the topic (which is in web content 1 attachment) and write a piece that adds value to the information contained within it.

Since you are using a current news issue/topic, you are already infusing your writing with a degree of immediacy. To further enhance the value you have to focus on personalisation and interpretation as keyways of adding value and attracting audience:

  • Personalisation: Perhaps the news item you have chosen is only tangentially related to your chosen topic – can you explain how it is relevant to your readers? If the issue is clearly related to your topic, can you add value to the information by drawing on other issues that you know to be related?
  • Interpretation: If a piece of information is complex, can you explain it in laymen’s terms for your readers? What ramifications do you see as arising from this information? How will it affect the future of your topic?

At first glance these two elements seem a little vague. This is perhaps because we naturally tend to do this type of creative interpretation in niche writing anyway. Given this, try to focus on unexpected connections that will surprise and engage your audience whilst solidifying your position as an ‘expert’ on the topic.

Note: If possible, try to make sure that the ‘news’ you are discussing is as up-to-date as possible to ensure the immediacy of the piece. This will also mean that you are less likely to have absorbed the opinions of others on the topic and can write more spontaneously.

This piece of writing should be no more than 600 words long and should be posted to your blog.

Entering the Conversation

As we have seen, the increasingly participatory nature of the Web calls upon publishers to become actively involved with their audiences. As both a publisher and a member of the audience, you will need to engage with others who are working in your particular area and become a part of a distributed conversation.

You should now have found a variety of sources that relate to your chosen topic. Select one of these sources that provide functionality for responding to an original piece of writing. (Eg. blog comments, discussion forums).

  • Write a considered and informed response to a post of your choosing.
  • This response should be no longer than 200 words.

Remediating for 280 Characters

You are going to explore the use of microblogging services to remediate and distribute information. If you have not done so already, identify discussion topics and individuals that are relevant to your topic on Twitter. The writing task itself involves a number of smaller tasks to be performed:

  • Spend some time on Twitter experimenting with which hashtags are most relevant to your chosen topic. Try to find those that are most active.
  • Take at least two pieces of writing on your chosen topic that have recently appeared on the Web and construct tweets that summarise and link to them. (This may include your own writing.)
    Do not forget to include the appropriate hashtag for others who are interested in this topic.
    Monitor these tweets for re-tweeting and responses.
  • Re-tweet or quote-tweet at least two posts of interest on your chosen topic. Follow any conversations that emerge from them.

You are to reflect on your experiences with Twitter. Write a 600 word reflection that includes the following:

  • A brief summary of the hashtags you identified as most related to your topic of interest alongside the explanation of how you went about identifying these.   
  • A copy of each tweet and re-tweet/quote-tweet that you composed (not included in the 600 words). You should have at least two tweets and at least two re-tweets/quote-tweets.
  • A summary of any responses and/or re-tweets that your posts inspired.
  • Your thoughts on your experiences with Twitter this week. 

What to submit

Create a Word document (.doc or .docx) that gathers your writing tasks into a single document.

In the Word document, you must replace all hyperlinks that appeared in the original online text with APA 7th Ed citations and references.

Important Criteria

l Quality of writing: evidence of research, planning and editing

l Appropriateness of the writing to the particular form

l Professional presentation

l Demonstrates clear understanding of copyright and other relevant conventions for your chosen

media format(s)