Value-based Candidate Selection at Linkedin; Hiring Approach

Value-based candidate selection at Linkedin, hiring approach. Read the case study and write a 4-page, paper addressing the hiring process at Linkedin.


  • This is your opportunity to demonstrate what you are learning from this course and that you can apply what we have learned to real organizational environments.
  • Think each question through and include explanations, definitions, any needed comparison between concepts, and examples as needed.


Writing Instructions

  • Do not write in bullets; please write in prose. Use techniques of effective business writing (i.e., be clear, concise, straightforward, and explain or support your points).
  • The questions are designed for you to use the readings and other knowledge you have; you should not need any additional sources but you may use additional sources.



  • I expect you to draw from course content including assigned readings, lectures, and any exercises that we have done in class.
  • Refer to two sources: (1) your own mind, and (2) any materials from our course (including the CH1-4, and 6).  You may use additional sources; please cite and list them (using APA) at the end of each answer
  • You are working on this as a team; collaboration across teams is not permitted


Submission Instructions

  • Submit a word document (no pdf please)
  • In your submission, identify the question number and/or copy and paste the whole question then answer the question
  • Double-spaced, 12 pt Times new Roman font, 1in margins, page numbers.



Each question is assigned a certain number of points. Each response is evaluated as follows:

  1. precision: is the answer correct and comprehensive? Are all relevant and necessary concepts defined and all relationships explained? Are examples and/or supporting evidence provided where necessary? Are all plausible arguments addressed? (70%)
  2. did students answer the question superficially? does the answer reflect critical thinking? or is the answer a weakly structured reiteration of what was said in class/ what is said in the case or other books/references (20%)
  3. editing and writing including: clarity; the answer is logically structured; ideas are connected and flow easily; the answer is proofread; citations are provided as needed (10%)

(Questions are on page 2)



Question 1 (20 points)

Case overview: summarize the case and identify the key issues at hand. This should not be a retelling of the case but a summary that presents an overview, analyzes the case, and identifies relevant HR practices and key issues. In your answer consider class material including strategic HRM, talent acquisition, and impact of selection on organizational culture.


Question 2 (20 points)

The case ends with “How should Lindsay respond?”

Based on your reading of the case, identify the key themes that should inform Lindsay’s answer (consider how you see the organizational values affecting the selection process), then answer the question “how should Lindsay respond?”