The causes and the effect of obesity for the youth

The topic is: The Causes and Effects of Obesity for the Youth

The first page is an abstract: a little summary of the whole paper, and it should be less than a page. 
The intro:
Define obesity and talk a little bit about it. 
Make a clear thesis statement. 
The bodies:
-I need four causes: 1-Fast food. 2- Lack of exercise. U can choose the other two but let me know before you start writing. 
-I need four effects: 1-disease. 2- Not having a good look. U can choose the other two but let me know before you start writing. 
Conclusion: Try to summarize the intro in another words. Try to talk about the four causes and the four effects in interesting way! 
This research paper has to be four pages. Three and half is also fine. 
I need four references. All of them has to be expert in their fields. 
A gain try to bring 4 good references. You might find them in scholar!
The paper should be APA format. 
The paper has to be done in two days. If my professor asked me to correct some mistakes, I will give to u to do it for free! However, I wish there is no stupid mistake. 
Do not copy from another one’s paper. I will be kicked if u do that. This paper is really important to me. I have to take 100% on it. 

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