Texas to allow for licensed concealed carry of handguns on campus

This paper should not exceed 750 words per the syllabus. The Texas Legislature passed a law requiring public colleges and universities in Texas to allow for licensed concealed carry of handguns on campus. The implementation of the law is occurring in two phases. Campus carry began for public universities on August 1st of 2016 and it began on community college campuses on August 1st of 2017, This measure was popular when it was debated and it was supported by a majority of Texans. However, the measure was opposed by a majority of college students and faculty. That opposition continues as colleges implement campus carry and it seems prudent to revisit this issue. Should campus carry be allowed in Texas? Research this topic further and support your arguments with the results of that research. I have included an article below to provide a highlight of some of the issues present in this debate, but this is not an exhaustive accounting. (While interesting, I would prefer that you NOT debate whether or not class or office hours should be held in bars to bypass campus carry) https://www.evernote.com/l/AMvEVxAeguVPm7R24Wj_xpzNssSvSIoXiyo Please follow the above instructions and the attached syllabus (in addition to the given article please use 3 additional sources)