Target Market of 4 Universities

College and universities offer a good market for businesses selling computers. Usage of computers among university and college students has significantly increased over the past decade. The introduction of e-learning increased the need for all students to have laptops that can help them access digital material, log in to the online portal or library without a hassle. Therefore, this marketing plan targets computer science students in four major universities.

Targeting computer science students in George Washington University, United Arab Emirates University, Aalborg University, and Stony Brook University offers an ideal market for MacBook Pro laptops. Currently, computer science students must own a good laptop computer. It marks a significant shift from the traditional courses where students were taught in laboratories packed with expensive computers. Research shows that 100% of computer science students in the University of Virginia had a personal computer by 2009 (Hill, Svennevik and Turner 1). This implies a higher demand for powerful laptops such as MacBook Pro among computer science students in the four universities.

MacBook Pro is the best personal computer for computer science classes because it is powerful. According to Wang, MacBook Pro is the ultimate laptop for computer science students since it has AMD discrete graphics card and a powerful 2 GHz CPU with a Core i5 processor, which is upgradable with a Core i7 chip. It is a good CPU for coding and programming during software or web development. MacBook Pro also comes offers flexible screen sizes due to the existence of the 13 and 16-inch models.

Conclusively, this marketing plan targets college students in the four universities but specifically computer science students. MacBook Pro is recommended for computer science courses, but other students can use MacBook Air or any other personal computer they wish. Therefore, the four universities would provide a perfect potential market for both MacBook Pro and other laptops.  

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