Summative assessment

3500-word Assignment  

To critically evaluate one aspect of care given to a specific patient in Adult Critical Care demonstrating underpinning pathophysiology and knowledge obtained from the module 1 

Summative Assessment: Assignment 

You must produce an assignment of 3,500 words. The assignment should be structured as an essay, it should not include any patient identifiable information 

  • It should include a brief description of the patient in the care setting and an outline of the nursing assessment performed and appropriateness of any tools used(maximum of 500 words) 
  • For one of the identified problems and discuss in depth the pathophysiology and nursing interventions undertaken giving a clear rationale for the care – this should be the main focus of the assignment (approx. 2500 words)  
  • Conclude by evaluating the effectiveness of the care and making recommendations for future practice 
  • The work should be supported throughout with current relevant research or evidence, a reference list and bibliography must be included.  
  • References should be on a separate page 
  • The assignment should be size 12 font Arial or Calibri, 1.5 line spacing. Please ensure your candidate number is on every page and you have page numbers in the footer. 

Upload your Assignment to NOW. All work to be submitted by 12 midday. Written feedback will be provided on submitted work together with a summary of your achievement in relation to the module learning outcomes. All feedback will be uploaded to NOW.