Study Guide for chapters 16 – 20 HED224


Chapter 16

     We live in a sea of microbes.  Most of them don’t threaten our health or survival; some, such as the bacteria that inhabit our intestines, are actually beneficial.  Yet, in the course of history, disease-causing microorganisms have claimed millions of lives.

_______________________ is the virus that is a contributing factor in the development of cervical cancer.

Name three diseases that are spread by animals and insects___________________________,

_____________________________________,  and __________________________________

___________________________ is the time between pathogen invasion and the development of symptoms.

___________________________ is a hypersensitivity to a substance in one’s environment.

What causes strep throat? _________________________________________________________

What is the danger of strep throat? __________________________________________________

How is it treated? ________________________________________________________________

How is it diagnosed ?______________________________________________________________

What syndrome has been associated with the use of high absorbency tampons?______________


Lyme disease is spread by____________________.

Name things that may contribute to a woman developing a urinary tract infection.______________



Chapter 17

     Quality matters in health care. Yet, the quality of health care varies greatly in this country.  Quality begins with you.  By learning how to maintain your health, evaluate medical information, and spot early signs of a problem, you’re more likely to get the best possible care.

Screening test recommendations:  At what age should the following test be done by?


__________________prostate exam

__________________baseline bone marrow density test for women

__________________Pap smear


__________________ the sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth

List the effective strategies for taking care of your mouth: _____________________________________



________________________ is the Chinese form of medicine based on the philosophy that a cycle of energy circulates through the body to control health (puncturing the body with needles to relieve pain).

Chapter 18

     The major threat to the lives of college students isn’t illness but injury.  Almost 75% of deaths among Americans 15 -24 years old are caused by “unintentional injury.”

___________________________________ kill more college-age men and women than all other causes combined.

_________________________  an accident that occurs because people find certain activities stimulating and daring.

________________________________________ is the most common motor cycle injury.

__________________________ ______________ is the willful malicious following or harassing of an individual.

_________________________  the type of rape that involves three or more rapists.

__________________________ _________________ have surpassed back and neck injuries as the number one claim for workers compensation injuries.

Chapter 19

     The planet Earth has been taken for granted as a ball of rock and water that exists for our use for all time.  The materials needed for the survival of this planet must be recycled over and over again.  Increasingly, we’re realizing just how important the health of this ecosystem is to our own well-being and survival.

___________________________________ is the rise in the Earth’s average surface temperature.

___________________________________ a substance that can cause cancer.

___________________________________ is a good way of helping your environment in using materials once considered trash.

___________________________________ the process by which bacteria eat organic material and turn it into rich soil.

___________________________________  what is used to measure loudness or the intensity of sound.

Chapter 20

____________________________ the complete cessation of menstrual periods for 12 consecutive months.

____________________________ are directions that specify the kind of medical treatment individuals want in case of a medical crisis.

____________________________ is the first reaction that a person has when he learns he has a terminal illness.

____________________________ the detailed examination of a body after death.

____________________________ a progressive deterioration of intellectual powers due to physiological changes within the brain.

____________________________ a condition in which losses in bone density become so severe that a bone will break with even slight trauma or injury.

____________________________ a homelike health-care facility or program committed to supportive care for terminally ill people.