Social Media Marketing is the Most Important Outlet for a Business

A considerable number of organizations is shifting from traditional to digital marketing to increase their access to a larger market. Social media has become a crucial outlet for many businesses because of the rapid growth in the number of active social media users. Research shows that there were more than 3.8 billion active social media users and 4.5 billion internet users by January 2020 (Brahma & Dutta, 2020). Investing in online marketing and social media advertising adequately is the most appropriate strategy to attract a larger audience.

Social media marketing is the most effective strategy to attract a larger audience because more than half of the world population have access to the internet and social media. Considering there has been a rapid and steady increase in the number of social users is currently over 4 billion which is more than 50% of the world population. Recent statistics show that YouTube has over 2.0 billion users, Instagram has 1.0 billion users, Pinterest 0.322 billion users, Twitter 0.34 billion users, WhatsApp 1.6 billion users, and Facebook 2.45 billion users (Brahma & Dutta, 2020). As such, investing in social media marketing gives a business an opportunity to access a wider market where it can attract millions or billions of customers.

Besides, online marketing and social media advertising allows a business to create rich referral marketing networks for acquiring more customers. A business can exploit the electronic word of mouth by encouraging customers to share brand or product information with their social media contacts (Ghosh et al. 2020). Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to post photos of the products they buy on social media so that their friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram and Twitter can see. They are also more willing to recommend others to buy products and services from the same company (Cho & Son, 2019). The strong customer-to-customer referral chain developed through social media marketing enables a business enterprise to attract more potential customers.

Definitively, adequate social media advertising and online marketing is the most suitable strategy to attract a bigger audience. A business can reach and engage millions of existing and potential customers online through social media marketing. It also enables a business to exploits the rich referral network of existing and new customers to develop a large customer base by attracting a larger audience of target consumers. Evidently, marketing through social media is a crucial strategy in the contemporary digital world.


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