SMGT 310 Mid-Term Exam

Directions: Read and review each of the short answer/essay questions below: Choose and answer four (4) out
of the nine (9) questions below. The key to success in this exam is for you to consider the totality of the
question and answer such in a substantive manner. Illustrate your knowledge by using operational examples,
linking work experience (if any), knowledge from the course and your research. In addition, your
suggestions/opinions must be fact based, reasonable and actionable. Your written responses must be
commensurate with undergraduate level critical thinking and analytical skills. Think like a security manager!

  1. What are some of the contemporary roles of a security manager in an organization today? Analyze the
    roles and their importance to the security function.
  2. The ACME Company decides that it needs a formal security program. Some members of the Board of
    Directors, however, oppose a formal security program based on cost and their failure to understand
    what security is and does for an organization. How would you explain to these individuals what
    “security” is and what it can do for the company?
  3. Define and discuss the four elements that need to exit in order to prevail in a negligence tort? Provide
    examples of each in your discussion.
  4. List and discuss the three elements of any effective Physical Protection System (PPS).
  5. As a director of security for a large retail chain of convenience stores, recently there has been an
    increase in the number of armed robberies at some of your urban stores. The review the incident reports
    shows that most of these have occurred between the hours a 3am and 7am where an armed assailant has
    demanded money from the sole cashier that has been working. What engineer, and administrative
    controls may be lacking? How could these stores be “target hardened” to prevent robberies?
  6. As a director of security for a mid-sized company employing 1107 employees, you have just been told
    by the IT department that the company’s computer system has been compromised by a Worm. While
    the IT staff was successful in preventing any serious issues, they are concerned that more advanced
    worms will enter the system through staff inadvertently opening e-mails. As a director of security, what
    types of employee training should you create to prevent this from occurring again?
  7. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is oftentimes used as part of an effective school
    security program. Explain the five main CPTED strategies used in schools. Provide examples.
  8. You have been hired as a security manager for a local hotel. This hotel has never had a formal security
    program before. However, guest complaints regarding theft for unoccupied rooms, vandalism of their
    vehicles and “feeling unsafe” required this hotel to implement a program. One of the first activities you
    need to do is meet with the General Manager and provide her with a short and long-term plan to address
    these issues. What short term activities can you implement to improve security? Who should be
    included? What long-term plans are you going to implement and who should be involved? When
    designing this program, what other issues should you address?
  9. As the regional security manager for a local drug store chain, you are interested in how you can help in
    times of natural and man-made disasters. In this context, apply the five components of the NIMS to
    what you and your company can provide in times of emergency