Signal Sausages Factory

Signal Sausages Factory at Haslwell

The signal Sausages factory at Halswell (New Zealand) is in a bad way. Not only is the plant failing to meet production goals, but the Council has just informed the management that if the company cannot consistently meet the terms of its discharge permit within 6 months, it will be closed down. There is also a rumour that the new district scheme in preparation may contain a requirement that all factories have to have their water intake downstream of their discharge. The previous manager has been moved to another post at another plant and you, a high flyer from Head Office, have been sent to Signal Sausages factory at Halswell as the new manager to sort it out. On arrival you are horrified to learn that Signal has discharged raw untreated trade waste, containing blood, bone, fats, and meat, for years and has exceeded the limits on its discharge permit for the last 5 quarters, and that contaminated storm water flows directly into the Heathcote River. The factory uses 100 cubic metres of clean water per hour for washing, steam plant and hygiene. The company has around fifty staff, and the workforce has a reputation for being lazy and uncooperative. 1. Write a report to your boss in Auckland ( New Zealand) about what you propose to do. Your approach should address both technical and people aspects and will ideally touch on (though not necessarily deliver the answers on) each of the key components needed to successfully manage complex change – e.g. as defined by Ken Koza (vision, skills, resources, incentives and action plan) or by Doppelt, 2010, in Ch 6-14 “Leading Change towards sustainability”. If your approach is based on certain assumptions about the situation, specify these in a brief introduction. If your approach requires any additional operational or capital expenditure, make your case for these funds (you can use Bob Willard’s spreadsheet ( if you feel it will assist you. Your work will be assessed on the basis of how likely we think it is that your approach will …. – result in the discharge problems being effectively addressed within the 6 months limit the Council has set, and – set the company on a path towards a sustainable future. Extra information Please note also this course is on Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Dear [Boss],

I have arrived at the Signal Sausages factory in Halswell and have assessed the situation. It is clear that immediate action is required to address the ongoing issues with the factory’s discharge permit and the negative impact on the local environment.

My approach to addressing these issues will involve a combination of technical and people-focused strategies. On the technical side, I plan to implement a comprehensive water treatment system to ensure that all trade waste is properly treated before being discharged. I also plan to redirect stormwater flows away from the Heathcote River to prevent further contamination. Additionally, I will work with the Council to ensure that the factory is in compliance with all local regulations and permits.

On the people side, I recognize that the workforce at the factory has a reputation for being uncooperative and lazy. To address this, I will work to establish clear and measurable performance goals for all employees, as well as implement incentives for meeting or exceeding these goals. Additionally, I will hold regular meetings with staff to address any concerns and provide updates on the factory’s progress.

Assuming the situation is as described and the current workforce is unwilling to change, the above actions will require additional operational and capital expenditure, however, I believe these investments are necessary to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the factory. I will provide a detailed cost analysis and budget for the proposed changes in my next report.

I understand that this is a complex change, but I am confident that with a clear vision, skills, resources, incentives, and an action plan, we will be able to turn around the situation at Signal Sausages factory and ensure its compliance with environmental regulations and overall sustainability.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, [Your Name]