Sex crime topic

Sex crime topic. 1. Five pages of mandatory written work, ten-page maximum. Your title page and references page are not considered written work. 2. Mandatory minimum of five peer-reviewed sources. You can use as many sources as you deem necessary. Five of these shall be peer-reviewed. 3. Please ensure your project has: 1. An introductory paragraph to provide a brief explanation of what you have researched and what you are going to discuss. 2. A body of work, chronologically formatted that follows the order of discussion as articulated in your introductory paragraph. 3. A concluding section that summarizes your findings, observations, and/or recommendations. 4. Ensure you adequately and properly utilize APA formatted in-text citations. 5. Please proofread your work to correct any English mechanic discrepancies. Are there adequate paragraphs to support your main topics, as well as sub-topic supporting paragraphs? 6. Ensure you adequately utilize paragraphs to develop topics, sub-topics, and transition points. 7. Please consider utilizing APA Headings to clearly delineate major transition areas. The link below provides formatting guidelines. 8. Before submitting your project, please read it and see if it makes sense to you, is it easy to read, does it flow. Does it contain an introductory paragraph, a body, and a conclusion. 5 peer-reviewed sources Sex crimes topic