Scene to Paragraph

Scene 1: 

Act name ” Over Fear and Into Freedom” 

8 Dancers ( 3 men – 5 women) 

White clothes means freedom then they wear varies clothes that represent fear then they got rid of the fear to wear the white clothe that mean freedon. 

When they weared the white clothe thaey dance freely and happly, but when they weared the clothe that represent fear they danced with tension and stress as they are feareing something then they acted that they are afraid from excution by shooting an arrow and a gun. 

Song: was clear and loud

Stage light was bright 


Scene 2: 

Act name “Beyond Walls” 

3 couples of dancers ( 3 men – 3 women)

 The women were dressed simlair by wearing a red dress, and the men too by wear a jeans and red shirt.

Slow music 

The stage decorated as an home . 

They started the act with one couple that are dancing as they are happy but suddenly everything went worse and the man sat on the chair sad and his girl is sitting down putting her head on his lap. The other two couples entered and danced happly then each couple are dancing as they are fighting then they danced as they apologized to each other and they danced as they love each others. Lastly, the couple that were in the begining and sitting, they stood up and huged each others and danced then they entered the house together and ended the show as they huging. 

The act meaned that any relationships have problems and happiness but happiness covers the problem that help to maintain the relationship.


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