15th President of University of Michigan

Santa Ono to be Inaugurated as 15th President of University of Michigan

Santa Ono will be formally installed as the 15th President of University of Michigan on February 16, 2023. On the Ann Arbor campus, the inauguration will take place, and a number of events are scheduled to mark the occasion.

The ceremonial installation of President Ono will be one of the day’s significant activities. The Hill Auditorium, a revered location on the University of Michigan campus, will host this ceremony. President Ono will administer the oath of office and give his inaugural address during the installation. Faculty, staff, students, and other university community members will be present for the ceremony.

To commemorate President Ono’s inauguration, a variety of other events have been planned in addition to the installation ceremony. An Ann Arbor march through the streets will be one of the highlights. Before reaching the university campus, the procession will weave its way through downtown Ann Arbor and include floats, marching bands, and other entertainers.

The project for community service will be another crucial action. Members of the university community will donate their time and effort to assist with a range of service projects in the Ann Arbor region as part of President Ono’s commitment to community engagement.

On the day of the inauguration, a number of roads will be closed in order to accommodate the many events and protect guests. The university’s campus roadways as well as a number of streets in the downtown Ann Arbor region will be closed. The general public is urged to make proper plans and allow extra time for travel.

Overall, the University of Michigan community can look forward to a lively and unforgettable celebration with the inauguration of Santa Ono. There will be a variety of events planned, so everyone can take part and enjoy themselves. You won’t want to miss this historic event, whether you’re a student, faculty member, or member of the general public.