Rhetorical Analysis

Included in this readings are two opinion pieces (the last two pieces in the reading packet), “Cutting police budgets is not the way toward equitable communities,” an Editorial by the Star Tribune Editorial Board, and “Editorial Counterpoint: We must look beyond police for community safety” an op-ed by Tony Williams, Leilah Abdennabi, and Sheila Nezhad. 

In your discussion post, explain which of these two opinion pieces you believe is more persuasive. Your argument should be based on the authors’ use of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos). You don’t need to analyze all three appeals in both opinion pieces. For example, you might argue that one pieces uses logos more effectively than the other. Alternatively, you might argue that one piece is more persuasive because it uses logos, while the other uses only pathos. You can order this discussion now at academizzed.com