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Risks Involved in Public Offering and Securities Laws


 There are inherent risks involved in purchasing public securities both for the company going public, and to the public purchasing securities. The late 1990s was a period where investor’s purchased new IPO’s whether the company was legitimately stable or not. When the bubble burst, several companies and investors, found that the stocks they had were worthless. To minimize these risks to both the companies and the investors, Federal legislation was created in 1933. The Securities Act of 1933 was created, and subsequently the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 was created the next year. After a few scandals such as Enron, who used improper accounting practices to deceive the public the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was created in 2002 (Oppel & Eichenwald, 2002). In this way, investors have the full knowledge and can make sound decisions about how they will buy, hold, or sell the companies stocks.


Foreign Exchange Risks


Initial Public Offering (IPO) is also associated with foreign exchange risks and to deal with them can be critical sometimes. So it should be careful about that. According to stock exchange experts, diversification is the best solution to deal with foreign exchange risks. To deal with many currencies at a time may be beneficial, because they fluctuate in parallel when one goes down other may be up. However, other options to mitigate this risk are to trade in futures and forward contracts.








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