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I always enjoy it when the video resource is from a classroom. I remember watching another video about Robert Recio’s class for my Early Literacy course—he is such an awesome teacher, and it is so fun to watch his example! He obviously really cares about the kids. I love how he takes the time to treat them with respect as individuals, builds strong, trust-based relationships with them, and creates a “family” atmosphere within the classroom. For my post I will focus on how he models responding to the children as individuals, as well as how he uses positive discipline.


Mr. Recio modeled responding to the children respectfully as individuals by taking an interest in their interests and needs, speaking the children’s home language, and taking the time to read their cues and find the causes of their behavior. Mr. Recio talked about how he consciously takes an active interest in the children’s interests, and how he uses this as a tool to get to know them and build strong relationships. He also greets every single child and their parents in Spanish or English, depending on their home language. In doing so, he helps the parent feel more comfortable in the classroom environment, encourages them to open up, and shows the child that their home language is valued at school, too. Again, this adds to a strong foundation of trust in his relationships with the kids. One of the most important things he does in the classroom is acknowledging that “there’s always a reason” behind challenging behavior (Laureate Education, n.d.). Having true respect for the children involves understanding this, tuning into children’s feelings, and seeking out the root causes of challenging behavior. Mr. Recio demonstrated this through his interactions with Damien, whom he noticed had appeared tired when he entered the classroom that morning.


Mr. Recio demonstrates positive discipline through giving the children meaningful explanations for rules and limits, modeling, and consistency in enforcing fair consequences. During circle time, Mr. Recio used lots of repetition while reminding the children to raise their hands. He also talked about explaining the reason for this rule (it’s hard to hear when everyone talks at once), and modeling it with the assistant teacher. Patience and consistency were key to his enforcing rules. Mr. Recio also demonstrated consistency in his use of fair consequences. During circle, he reminded the children of consequences from the day before, without singling out any particular child. Later, when Damien was yelling at his friend in the block center, Mr. Recio showed took the time to respectfully talk to him about his behavior, showing warmth while reminding him of the classroom boundaries. He also helped Damien practice empathy by asking him to consider how his behavior made his friends feel.


It was very clear to see in the video how the relationship of trust that Mr. Recio has built with each child really impacts the children’s behavior and the way they listen to him. This solid foundation made it easier for him to lovingly help the children maintain and meet high, yet reasonable, expectations for their behavior.



I love the way Mr. Recio classroom is setup. He greets each parent as the children walk in.  Using the photos to check the kids in is a very creative way in taking attendence. Recio appears as though each treats every child as his own, and receives indiviual attention when needed.  He lets the kids help setup for different activites, and really get them involved. He really has the students intrigued.  That’s a very good aspect to have a teacher for any grade. When children are enjoying what they are learning, it’s easy to get them to become more focused on the subject that is being discussed. 


Based on the video I can tell that all of the parents are very satified with their children are learning. He also looks very approachable. That is a quality that most men does not have.  The way he smiles when speaking lets both the parent and the children know that he really cares. It also helps that he’s bilingual.  Parents that only speaks spanish can get a full understanding of what’s going on with their child rather than having a translator that may lose some thing in translation.  Overall, his methods are working and I think he should continue because he is having major success.



After watching the video program, “developing a Positive Classroom Climate”, it was clear that Mr. Recio truly cared about his students. He created a work space that was safe and organized. Mr. Recio also gave the students a sense of trust. By socializing and listening, this is where the trust beginnings.


Recio provides a, family orientated classroom, instead of the more traditional way, by saying I am the teacher and you are the student. He also provides the family with a sense of trust as well by speaking to parents who spoke Spanish, in Spanish. It allows for everyone to feel comfortable in a situation that they are not use to.


In the classroom, a schedule was posted with what the children would be doing everyday. The schedule had photos of children actually doing the task at hand, so that the children can get a good sense of what would be transpiring in the time frame. According to Mr. Recio he claimed that, “Taking photos builds self-esteem.


Mr.Recio designed much of his curriculum around scaffolding, building on interest of the children.


Lastly, Mr. Recio allowed for his students to learn the task at their own pace. That forcing the issue would not make the student learn quicker and by providing a routine that is repetition consists of modeling and explaining rules, would provided the students with the necessary skills to eventually understand certain techniques, such raising your hand and asking to be excused from the table.


Uses positive discipline


Throughout much of the video Mr. Recio and his assistants implemented and provided a work space with positive discipline. There was an incident, in which two students are using the blocks, and one student knocks over the blocks. What transpired, were the two students arguing about the blocks. Mr. Recio went over to the area, and got to the students eye level and asked what was going on. Each student was quick to judge, so Mr. Recio told one to apologize and the other just to rebuild the blocks. With all the incidents that occurred throughout the video, Mr. Recio handles each situation in a calm manner but one that the children could understand. In addition to speaking to the students he also would take away privileges if needed. I just thought it was great when he explained to the students that privileges are lost when you do something you are not suppose to do.

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