Research & Summaries (Research Outline)

Chapter 1:     Introduction

The introduction chapter needs to state the objectives of the program of research, ‎include definitions of the key concepts and variables and give a brief outline of the ‎background and research approach. The aim of the introduction is to contextualize ‎the proposed research.‎

1.1         Introduction

(700-800 words-1.5 Spacing- Times New Roman)

The section should cover a brief introduction to your topic. 

1.2         Statement of the problem

What are the problems that are visible in your field of study? And how will your research contribute to solving these problems.

1.3         Research Significance

How is your research paper going to be of significance to social research? Who will benefit from your research and how can it be used by the industry.‎

1.4         Research Objectives

What are the objectives of your study? What do you aim to achieve by developing this research?

-To explore factors that influenced online shopping adoption through social media by SMEs in Oman.

– To determine the importance of SMEs adopting online shopping.

1.5         RESEARCH questions/hypotheses

Research Question: Is a question that provides an explicit statement of what it is the researcher wants to know about.

•What factors in the TOE framework influence the adoption of social media by SMEs in Oman?

•How can online platforms bring value to an SME’s key business processes?

Hypothesis: An informed speculation, which is set up to be tested, about the possible relationship between two or more variables. (Bryman,2012)‎

Chapter 2:     Research Methodology

(500, 1.5 Spacing- Times New Roman)

In this section you will need to explore; your approach (quantitative/ qualitative,), your methods of data collection, sampling and population and your methods of data analysis.

  • Quanitative
  • Data collection (Online survey)
  • Data sampling (Non-probability sampling (Convenience &


  • Data analysis (The data will be encoded to SPSS for analysis)