Research Project – Rape Culture

Focus on two elements: 1. How US Popular Culture fosters or contributes to, the creation of those social attitudes. 2. What are the tangible effects that occur when sexual assault and abuse are trivialized in the US. 1. Provide and explain three specific artifacts from US pop culture within the last ***ten years that contribute to the trivialization of sexual assault and/or sexual abuse. 2. Provide and explain three specific real-world incidents (not just statistical analyses) in the US where we can see that sexual assault and/or sexual abuse were trivialized. These incidents should be drawn from news reports within the last ***five years. Cite sources MLA or APA Do not use: Because already used. Alcohol Perfume People: Because already used. Bill Cosby Kevin Spacey Al Franken Brett Kavanaugh Matt Lauer Kobe Bryant Donald Trump Double spaced with a minimum of 11 point font required.