Research Paper

A final research paper on one or more aspects of a representative film or films is required of each student to develop skills in research, analysis, and synthesis.  It is up to the student to choose the subject and determine the scope.  The paper must use at least one of the films we have covered in the semester.  If you are using a film that was not covered in class, then you must clear it with me first. 

Your research paper must demonstrate your ability to read and write critically.  That means that you should be writing about different aspects of the film, such as point of view, visual and auditory aesthetics, plot, characters, setting, tone and style, structure, symbolism and allegory, and ideas and themes.  Use these in roads to develop your interpretation of the film, since you will need to demonstrate how the aspects that you choose to focus on support your individual interpretation of the film.  You should be using specific examples and quotations from the film as well.

In addition to your interpretation, you must also engage other sources and demonstrate your ability to understand and add to a critical conversation surrounding your chosen topic.  Your sources must be relevant to your topic and accepted as a source of academic authority.

The paper will be at least four pages in length and must use at least three secondary sources.  It must be typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins, use 12 point Times New Roman font, and adhere to all MLA standards.

This paper must be submitted to before midnight on the due date.  If the paper is not submitted to the website, it will not be considered for a grade. can help you write research papers like these.