Research paper help

ABSTRACT: (200 words)

INTRODUCTION (1200 words)

Talk about the discovery of chess in India and how this game passed on to many countries. Also. Talk about how chess is different from other board games and how chess is being hailed in many countries around the world for its use on developing skills in children, special needs children and their academic performances. For more please refer the proposal file that I have attached. I have also attached my presentation slides for your kind reference.

Rationale for conducting a systematic review, significance of this research and justification as to why a systematic literature review is the best way to answer these research questions.


Does chess intervention increase academic performance among primary school children?

Does the duration of chess interventions affect their effectiveness in increasing academic performance?

In the introduction, please explain the following terms:

Define primary school (AGE)?

Define Academic performance?

Define chess intervention (methods)?  

Keep the study focused on answering the research questions.

Kindly use tables, flow-charts, and diagrams (if needed to explain something in simple terms) as much as possible and if you can kindly make them colored tables.


Talk about the need for this research. Talk about the academic challenges that the primary school children are facing during the recent times especially during the pandemic. The stress education has brought upon the children and how boardgames helps them to relieve their stress. Especially chess is different from other boardgames in helping the child to relieve stress and to provide ways like organizational skills, memory, etc. to improve the child’s academic performance at school. Then talk about the way children spend their free time nowadays and how chess training is useful to them. Talk about how schools around the world which has adapted chess as part of their curriculum and how it is has helped their students in their curriculum. You can add on some more information about chess intervention but don’t go too far from the research questions. Kindly stick to the words chess intervention and academic performance please.


This research follows the conceptual framework and please justify this using references from literature as to why this study follows conceptual framework.


Kindly justify as to why this study has taken the epistemological approach as it relates to the existing knowledge, scope, and validity of the theory on chess and how it increases academic performance on primary school children.

METHODOLOGY: (2000 words)

A review of 25 papers are required but they all need to be focused on answering the two research questions. The papers to be selected can be qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, etc. The papers can be on the results of the primary investigations done on the academic performance on primary school children. And, for the second research question, kindly choose papers where the primary investigation involves various intervention methods and extract the data and use them to reflect the results. This section must contain minimum 20-25 papers and more than two search engines like ERIC, MLA, ProQuest, Google Scholar, JSTOR, etc. In the inclusion and exclusion criteria please explain why those 25 papers have been selected and under what grounds they were chosen or rejected. Ethical considerations should also be included in this section. Use the PRISMA chart and tables to do the selection criteria.

RESULTS & FINDINGS: (3000 words)

Kindly use the data from the chosen papers to illustrate the answers to the research questions. This section should always revolve around the research theme and questions and not deviate from it.

DISCUSSIONS: (700 words)

CONCLUSION (1000 words)

Don’t worry about using the same terminologies as, chess intervention, academic performance and primary school children since my tutor is very particular to see these terms consistently used throughout the thesis. Other terms can vary.