Research Methods and Statistics for Criminal Justice

Write a research proposal based on a topic relevant to criminal justic 8-10 pages in length in APA format. The research proposal will involve both library research and the use of journal articles. You must cite a minimum of 8 journal articles as your reference. Blow are the questions that needs to be answered in the research proposal.


What is the purpose of your research study? In other words, what do you wish to study or investigate,i.e., identification of the problem.


What have you learned from the review of literature on the research topic of your interest?


What is the relationship between the two variables in my research question?


What are the variables that you are going to study?


What are the operational definitions for the variables?


What is the population? What is the sample?


How do you recruit the particpants for your sample? How many?


Wha do you want the participants to do?


What are the benefits of your study? In other words, how would this add to your knowledge in Criminal Justice?


What are the limitations of your study?

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