research essay

due by on feb 24 the essay is Summary & Response so you will read the article and summary it about 1 page and response to the author with an agreement disagree or agree so total be about 3-4 pages from the 


1 pages is summary and the rest is opinion and response


Guidelines for the summary section:

Begin the summary section by introducing the reviewed essay’s title, author, source, and date of publication. You could either have a complete introduction paragraph that focuses on the issue within the article or you could begin summarizing right away in your introduction. 


When you do begin the summary section, be sure to only mention the MAIN points of the essay (not the details). Do not include your own opinion at all in the summary portion. Be sure to attribute every point to the author (attributive tags) so that some of the points don’t sound like your own. You are free to use quotes in the summary, but keep it minimal, and be sure to correctly use the quotation marks and in-text citations according to MLA standards


Guidelines for the response section:

After you have summarized the selection with a purely objective voice, you will then jump into the analysis portion where you will have a subjective stance—you will point out the strengths and weaknesses of the essay/article you are analyzing.  Do you agree with the thesis of the article? Do you agree with the examples/reasons/ideas they use to support the article’s thesis? 


You can use “I” statements and relate any information in the article to yourself, but only do this if you are supporting or proving a point through personal knowledge or experience; simply mentioning your opinion will not serve any purpose for your thesis. You must have a reasoned argument that agrees or disagrees with the professional essay’s ideas and points. Also, as noted above, scrutinize the style and tone of the piece. 


There should be a conclusion paragraph that reminds readers of the main point of the article you analyzed and how it either delivers or fails to convince readers.

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