Recommended assignment structure

Suggested Assignment structure

The Task

Your assessment will take the form of a 3,000 word (you are allowed to go over by 10% making it a maximum of 3,300 words) submission consisting of three parts in total. You should look at 5 cases of businesses that have attracted attention due to some aspect of practice. You should choose the ONE of these that interests you and complete the following.


This part is based on the selected company. Please remember there are 5 company case studies available and you need to choose one.

The suggested word count for this part of your assignment is 1200—1400 WORDS without the references.

This part should consist of five main sections:

  1. Ethical issue or issues – you need to identify the ethical issue and explain, using relevant sources.
  2. Role of business in society – you are asked to discuss how the company and the ethical issue identified affected the society.
  3. Five Stakeholders – you need to outline five stakeholders in your case study and discuss how they have been affected by the ethical issue identified.
  4. Examples of good and bad ethics – you are required to find two companies with good and bad ethical practices. Here the use of relevant materials is crucial. You might want to refer to such sources as BBC, Financial Times and other journals.
  5. Recommendations – You need to provide a number of recommendations for the company, which are aligned with above discussion. Please remember these are recommendations rather than conclusion.

Please provide a reference list for this part.


This part is also based on your selected case study.

The suggested word count for this part is 900-1000 words.

This part should consist of 4 sections:

  1. Describe the theories – you need to discuss the theories and explain their key aspects in your own words. References are key here, as you are using academic sources. Please do not copy and paste.
  2. Apply the theories – you need to apply the theories to the case study you have selected.
  3. Critique – you should provide advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of theories you have selected.
  4. Recommendations – you are required to provide improvements for the ethical issue/issues identified in Part 1a, based on the two theories.

Please provide a reference list for this part.

Part 2 Reflective essay

This part requires you to provide a reflective essay on ethical leadership management. This part is NOT related to the case study. This part of the assignment requires you to discuss what makes an ethical leader and how you would, as an ethical manager, manage your business and/or others to a high ethical standard.

The suggested word count should be 850-950 words.

This part should include four sections:

  1. You need to discuss what is an ethical leadership management is in an un/ethical organizational culture.
  2. You need to analyse how to maintain integrity and compliance in an un/ethical business environment.
  3. You need to reflect (hence reflective essay) on your own experience and knowledge. You may wish to provide examples from your own experience.
  4. You need to provide a conclusion.

Please provide a reference list for this part.