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A. (1) Use Mancur Olson’s theory to explain the behavior of Angola’s government, elite, and general public with respect to the CIF and CSIH’s contracts.

(2) What is stadium diplomacy?  How does it fit Olson’s theory? 

B. (1) Are there parallels between China’s treatment of miners in Mozambique and Zambia and Eastover Mining Company’s treatment of workers in Harlan County, Kentucky?  Explain.

(2) Use Olson’s model to explain the Chinese government’s indifference to Aolong’s mistreatment and near enslavement of Chinese workers in Gabon.

(3) Is Chinese unionism up to the task of defending Chinese workers in situations like Aolong?  

(4) Why haven’t Chinese unions worked to improve conditions for non-Chinese workers in places like Zambia?

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