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Question 1 (0.2 points)

Janice, Musa, & Joshua are all working together as consultants for a local organization. They are trying to identify solutions to a recurrent problem facing the organization & Musa realizes that Janice hasn’t been speaking up in their brainstorming session so he explicitly asks her for her opinion. This is an example of what technique?

Question 1 options:

Not magnifying differences
Creating acculturation
Embracing the value of multiple perspectives
Cultural value socialization

Question 2 (0.2 points)

Men & women in masculine cultures tend to exhibit:

Question 2 options:

stable, absolute, and consistent communicative practices.
similar, non-stereotypical communicative practices.
different, stereotypical communicative behaviors.
fluctuating, difficult to identify communicative practices.

Question 3 (0.2 points)

Select all of the following which differentiate between informative and persuasive speeches.

Question 3 options:

Audience & venue
Neutral information
Academic citations
A call to action

Question 4 (0.2 points)

The questions on this exam, which use language to talk about language, is an application of which aspect of language?

Question 4 options:

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Perceptual Checks

Question 5 (0.2 points)

On July 7th @tiktokbrownchick posted a video of “Savage” in the style of Céline Dion on TikTok. Céline Dion then reposted the video on August 21st, leading to a recent exchange between the two. This series of interactions is best illustrated by which communication model?

Question 5 options:

The Linear Model
The Interactive Model
The Transactional Model 
The Intrapersonal Model

Question 6 (0.2 points)

News reports, where the public is presented with information through a television or radio broadcast, is an example of what communication model being applied?

Question 6 options:

The Linear Model
The Interactive Model
The Transactional Model 
The Intrapersonal Model

Question 7 (0.2 points)

Select all of the following that are ways to promote intercultural convergence.

Question 7 options:

Finding common ground
Attempting to change core differences
Adjusting your style of speaking
Highlighting cultural difference

Question 8 (0.2 points)

Which of the following is NOT a type of schema?

Question 8 options:


Question 9 (0.2 points)

With the onset of COVID-19, Tushy — a company that makes bidets — experienced a supply shortage in North America. The lack of bidets in the US is an example of what?

Question 9 options:

A bedrock level cultural difference
A surface level cultural difference
A dialectical cultural difference

Question 10 (0.2 points)

The example of India attempting to adopt Hindi as the official language of there country and the resulting conflicts illustrated the relationship between:

Question 10 options:

language and signal reactions.
language and competent communication.
language and semantic reactions.
language and identity.

Question 11 (0.2 points)


Which of the following is NOT a constructive goal of self-disclosure

Question 11 options:

Eliciting Reassurance
Developing Relationships
Creating Impressions

Question 12 (0.2 points)

Signal reactions refer to an automatic, unthinking response to a symbol. These reactions often arise because of a reaction to a

Question 12 options:

abstracted meaning
denotative meaning
euphemistic meaning
connotative meaning

Question 13 (0.2 points)

Hypercompetitiveness results in the decrease of all but which of the following?

Question 13 options:


Question 14 (0.2 points)

Vegan clothing options are often marketed through labels like “faux fur” or “vegan leather” rather than plastic. Avoiding referring to these clothes as “plastic” increases sales and illustrates:

Question 14 options:

dead level abstraction.
the importance of labels.
semantic reactions.
self-reflexive language.

Question 15 (0.2 points)

Tiago has not practiced for his presentation, despite his instructor advising students to consult with a peer public speaking coach. Despite having very little public speaking experience Tiago believes he will perform well. This is best an example of which communication myth?

Question 15 options:

Communication is a Process
Communication Quantity Equals Quality
Communication is a Cure-All
Communication is Just Common Sense

Question 16 (0.2 points)

Cultural relativism is sometimes criticized because it is thought to imply:

Question 16 options:

that some cultures are ethically deficient.
the ability to only act from one’s own culture.
that there are no universal ethical standards.
an insistence on the correctness of a certain set of cultural values.

Question 17 (0.2 points)

A culture that highly values collectivism will tend to exhibit

Question 17 options:

high power distance
low context communication
self-enhancing behaviors
low power distance

Question 18 (0.2 points)

Differences in our sensory acuity help to explain what aspect of sensory experience?

Question 18 options:

Conflicting Sensation
Selective Attention

Question 19 (0.2 points)

Samantha is visiting her friend Erin, who is from the South. When she is visiting Erin, Erin’s mom offers Samantha food; but she is not hungry so she politely declines. Both Erin & her mom seem slightly offended & after Erin explains that rejecting food is considered rude in their community. The initial offering of food is an example of:

Question 19 options:

homogenized communication.
socialized communication.
low context communication.
high context communication.

Question 20 (0.2 points)


Which of the following is NOT a marker of competent intercultural communication?

Question 20 options:

Taking action to reduce uncertainty
Finding ways to promote cultural convergence
Actively becoming acculturated
Accepting and working within broad generalizations

Question 21 (0.2 points)

Ian & Poppy started a video game company together but disagree on strategies for how to move the company forward. David, their executive producer, insists that they need to have intense dialogue sessions, despite evidence that this has failed in the past. David is exhibiting a belief in what communication myth?

Question 21 options:

Communication Quantity Equals Quality
Communication is a Process
Communication is Just Common Sense
Communication is a Cure-All

Question 22 (0.2 points)

Charles and Dean are meeting to work on a project at the campus coffee shop. Dean is focused on the project, moving conversation forward and emphasizing what needs to be done. Charles is trying to focus but often distracted by the loud conversations and people going in and out of the area. Dean exhibits what aspect of perception that allows him to work in this environment?

Question 22 options:

Selective Attention
An ability to effectively multitask
Prototype Organization
Competitive Selection

Question 23 (0.2 points)


The process by which people learn cultural values is referred to as what?

Question 23 options:


Question 24 (0.2 points)

Asa has been hired as the communications director for a local company. As part of this position he has begun editing official documents to incorporate gender inclusive language (e.g. Committee Chairperson). Which of the following does the text suggest is NOT a reason he should do this

Question 24 options:

gender-biased language can lead to people who are not men to feel excluded
gender inclusive language increases business and social capital
gender inclusive language increases the motivation of potential applicants to apply to jobs
gender-biased language can result in a diminished desire to hire people who are not men

Question 25 (0.2 points)


In the movie Mean Girls, Gretchen Wieners uses the word “fetch” to mean cool; but no one uses it in conversation. This is an example of the fact that while word origin is arbitrary, the use of words is:

Question 25 options:


Question 26 (0.2 points)


Which of the following is NOT a step of world-traveling?

Question 26 options:

Seeing yourself as the “Other” sees you
Seeing the “Other” in their own context
Seeing yourself as/acting as someone else
Seeing yourself in historical context

Question 27 (0.2 points)

Oscar has always seen themself as someone who is okay but not particularly good at math. When they get to college, all of their math professors encourage them to consider declaring a math major & point out that they demonstrate a lot of skill in math classes. If this feedback continued, which of the following would NOT cause Oscar to think he was good at math?

Question 27 options:

The feedback comes from people Oscar trusts to make the judgement
The feedback is extremely different from how he originally thought of himself
The feedback comes from multiple people
The feedback is consistently given

Question 28 (0.2 points)

Herald & Kyle are good friends who take many of the same classes. Kyle notices that Herald has been very upset recently because in one of the classes he is consistently getting Cs & Bs. Herald has always prioritized and valued academic performance, but Kyle doesn’t understand why it is affecting him so much. the text suggests that Herald may identify academic performance as

Question 28 options:

an appropriate aspect of self disclosure.
creating a constructive communication climate.
a social attribution.
a contingency of self worth.

Question 29 (0.2 points)

In this class, reviewing the importance of transitions through reading & assignments, while also reemphasizing them through evaluation of speech assignments, is an example of what aspect of communication competence?

Question 29 options:

Communication skills are innate & cannot be trained.
Knowledge of practices is the most important aspect of communication competence.
Communication competence requires skill balanced with knowledge.
Skilled communication is the most important aspect of communication competence.

Question 30 (0.2 points)

Jiro is at a movie theater and after buying his ticket the person working the counter tells him, “Enjoy you’re movie.” Without thinking Jiro responds “You too.” This automatic response is an example of a:

Question 30 options:


Question 31 (0.2 points)

Which of the following is NOT a strategy for increasing communication competence?

Question 31 options:

Practicing Empathy
Questioning Perceptions
Minimizing Cultural Differences
Managing Impressions

Question 32 (0.2 points)

Select all the following aspects of language that abstracting allows.

Question 32 options:


Question 33 (0.2 points)

The primacy effect refers to the tendency to be more influenced by initial information about someone rather than by information learned later. This is accurate in which of the following scenarios?

Question 33 options:

When broad, simple judgements need to be made
In high-stakes decision making
When engaging in situations that are complex
In nuanced conflicts

Question 34 (0.2 points)

Freya is completing a class assignment where she has to present on a chapter from the textbook. Her presentation is expected to last for approximately 20–30 minutes and go enough in-depth to guide conversation. It is most likely that her presentation could be classified as a:

Question 34 options:


Question 35 (0.2 points)

At the last football game of the season, Tom & Marvin disrupt the beginning of the game by streaking across the field. The text suggests that people watching the game are likely to attribute this behavior to:

Question 35 options:

dispositional causes
situational causes
environmental causes
social causes

Question 36 (0.2 points)

Self-enhancing communication whereby individuals are expected to draw attention to their unique qualities is expected in what type off cultures?

Question 36 options:


Question 37 (0.2 points)

Select all of the following that apply to jargon.

Question 37 options:

By its nature it is an elitist form of communication.
It is the specialized language of a group.
It acts as a verbal shorthand that is useful for efficient communication.
It should always be avoided.

Question 38 (0.2 points)

Over the holidays Justin & Morgan have several long conversations where they catch up after being away at college. Although they don’t always talk about super important things, they return to college feeling like they are closer friends. Which dimension of communication helped to facilitate this feeling?

Question 38 options:

The Content Dimension
The Relationship Dimension
The Intrapersonal Dimension
The Message Dimension

Question 39 (0.2 points)


“You’re either a feminist or a woman-hater” is an example of:

Question 39 options:

a symbol reaction.
a signal reaction.
a false dichotomy.

Question 40 (0.2 points)

Bruce invites his friend Curtis to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, but lets him know ahead of time that traditionally Ethiopian food is served using Injera — a type of bread — as the main utensil. Curtis says he’ll think about it, but can’t believe they wouldn’t use utensils because that is disgusting. This reaction is an example of what?

Question 40 options:


Question 41 (0.2 points)

The Oxford English Dictionary recently added a new definition to “steaming,” referring to being extremely drunk. The ability of language to evolve and grow in meaning is referred to as what?

Question 41 options:


Question 42 (0.2 points)

Select all of the following aspects that contribute to a constructive communication climate.

Question 42 options:

A single constructive event

Question 43 (0.2 points)

The word “quartz” is an example of:

Question 43 options:

a semantic reaction
a referent
a signal reaction
a symbol

Question 44 (0.2 points)

Claudia is giving her second speech in class. In her first speech the main issue she had was speech structure. In her second speech she explicitly highlights speech transitions, internal previews, and summaries. While she still has issues in the speech, her professor gives her a high grade. This reflects what aspect of communication competence?

Question 44 options:

Commitment is exhibited by growth and not by effort.
Focusing on one aspect of competence automatically increases competence in other areas.
Commitment requires attitude and aptitude.
Communication competence is a zero-sum measure.

Question 45 (0.2 points)


Which of the following is NOT an element of perception?

Question 45 options:


Question 46 (0.2 points)

Megan & Juan have been together for several years, every year they argue throughout October and November regarding whether or not to begin playing Christmas music. While usually not a serious disagreement, this often leads to annoyance and sniping and every year there are a few times where they do have more intense arguments. According to the text this is an example of what?

Question 46 options:

Serial arguments
Combined choice conflict
A Wicked problem
An inability to judge seasonally appropriate celebrations

Question 47 (0.2 points)

Charles and Dean are meeting to work on a project at the campus coffee shop. Dean is focused on the project, moving conversation forward and emphasizing what needs to be done. Charles is trying to focus but often distracted by the loud conversations and people going in and out of the area. Select the aspects of stimuli that may be making it hard for Charles to focus.

Question 47 options:


Question 48 (0.2 points)

Amber is tasked with updating her coworkers on the progress of an ongoing project. This is marked by its brevity & informative nature. It is most likely that her update could be classified as a:

Question 48 options:


Question 49 (0.2 points)

Morton is in therapy and tends to discuss a wide variety of issues with his therapist. Despite a lack of reciprocity, what aspect allows this to be considered appropriate self-disclosure?

Question 49 options:

Situational Appropriateness
Social Attribution
The Primacy Effect
Uncertainty Reduction

Question 50 (0.2 points)

Which of the following is NOT a primary influence on self-esteem?

Question 50 options:

Reflected Appraisal
Social Comparison
Contingencies of Self-Worth
Self-Serving Bias

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