Question and answer rubric


AFTER reading “London’s British Museum won’t return the Elgin marbles… ”  and watching “Rescued or Seized…” answer the following questions in 3-5 sentences each. Number each of your answers in accordance to the question. Answer in your own words and use quotes from the article when necessary. Be specific in your answers, avoid vagueness- which can result in partial credit. 

1. Having watched and read about the controversy surrounding the Acropolis sculptures, how did the British Museum obtain these marbles?

2. How did the marbles get their name? How is this name problematic? Consider how the name “Venus of Willendorf” (figure 1-5) is inappropriate and misleading.
3. The British Museum says that technically they do not own the marbles. Who does? How is this problematic? Use evidence to support your article

4. The museum as an institution plays a particular role in preserving and presenting history. How does the British Museum display the Acropolis marbles? How does the Acropolis Museum display their collection of the marbles? 

5. Are either of these display methods appropriate to the complicated history of the marbles? Use evidence from the article or video to support your answer.

6. Is it ethical for the British Museum to hold on to the Acropolis marbles? SINCE these marbles are their legal property, should they keep the marbles or return them? Use evidence from the article or video to support your answer