Project Management – Organization’s Strategic Goals

This must be written in APA format, with references. 

Topics 1: Formulation and Implementation

The Product, Service, and Organizational Process Focus,The Art of Strategic Thinking


Assignment 1.2: Project – Describe the Linking of Projects with the Organization’s Strategic Goals

Write a paper about a real organization that demonstrates your understanding of the topics in this module.

This assignment is a component of the course project and must be formatted in APA style. 


    1. Review Chapter 5, The Strategic Context of Projects, in your text Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation, with special attention to the “Strategic Relationship of Projects” and “Determining Strategic Fit” sections. Research the Internet for information on Strategic Projects and Strategic Fit of Projects.
    2. Within your organization or another real organization, analyze the fit of projects with the Strategic Goals. Determine whether there is a strategic fit and identify why it is or is not. If possible, identify why your organization is doing the project if it is not a strategic fit.
    3. Develop criteria for project selection that would be a strategic fit for your organization.
    4. Write a paper that includes this information:


      • The name of the organization and pertinent background information about it.
      • Your results from Steps 2-3, e.g. a list of projects and the indication whether each is a strategic fit and the criteria used to determine the strategic fit.
      • Any conclusions you can draw from your analysis.


    5. Submit your paper to your instructor as directed in the Submission section below.


  1. Post your conclusions to the class Forum.

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