Programming and Logic

One of your smaller customers’ needs your help writing a program. Your customer has an e-commerce Web site but wants to avoid being sued for allowing children to make purchases without the authorization of their parents. Using the 6 steps of problem solving, create a program to verify the age of a customer wishing to make an online purchase. The customer will enter his or her year of birth, and your program will calculate whether the customer is more than 18-years old. The program will then display a message to the customer that his or her purchase request is accepted or denied.

Your solution must include the following 5 parts in addition to the coded solution:

  1. A problem analysis chart with each of the following sections:
    1. Given information
    2. Required results
    3. Processing required to obtain the results
    4. Solution alternatives
  2. A flowchart showing the program processing flow
  3. A chart showing input, output, and processing
  4. An algorithm in pseudo code describing the steps the program will perform
  5. A description in 2 to 3 paragraphs of how each of the 6 problem-solving steps was addressed
upload for this assignment is in two parts:
1) A Word document as described in the instructions.
2) A ZIP containing your Visual Studio project.
The assignment is to create a program that asks the user to enter the year of their birth, and then only allows them to continue IF they are at least 18 years old. To determine their age, subtract the year they entered from the current year and see if the result is greater than 18. Storing this information in a variable will allow you to use it in an IF statement.
Key Tip: The current date and time can be accessed from your computer via this command):
Remember: If the result of your calculation is less than 18, they have to be told something different than if the result is 18+. This is the entire program — just the code to check their age. If the calculation shows the user to be over 18, you should tell them that their purchase will be allowed. If the user is under 18, inform them that they are too young to buy this merchandise. Then the program terminates.
Don’t forget the other materials, such as the problem analysis chart, flow chart, description, etc. No special symbols or system is required here — any way you want to do it is fine. You can use PowerPoint instead of Word if you prefer.

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