Preparing a survey

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Use your Research in Psychology text to read Chapter 10, “Non-Experimental Design II: Observational and Archival Methods,” pages 291–311.

Use your Applied Statistics text to review concepts from prerequisite work:

  • Chapter 17, “Analysis of Covariance,” pages 688–725.
  • Chapter 19, “Multivariate Analysis of Variance,” pages 778–828.

Continue to develop your quantitative study proposal. Revise your draft according to peer and instructor feedback when received.


Click Quantitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences to watch the video.

Optional – Readings

You may choose to complete the following:

Disc 1

Designing a Survey

Design a survey to gather data about your topic of interest. The survey should contain at least 10 items.

  • Explain the construct you are attempting to measure for each question. Be sure it is clear to your reader what type of response is required (multiple choice, drop-down, rating scale, et cetera), and that the design of the questions is appropriate for quantitative research.
  • Describe the purpose of the survey, then describe a study appropriate for survey design, with research questions that can be answered by the survey you created. Discuss the appropriate analysis for this study.