PowerPoint Presentations for Marketing

Presentation Content
Select at least three (3) course topics from the Kolin textbook and make connections to your major. Below is a list of some course topics we have discussed (and/or assigned readings). The list is not exhaustive, so feel free to peruse the book and select other topics of your choice.

  • International English/Global Audiences (chapter 1)
  • Ethics (chapter 1)
  • Cultural Diversity (chapter 1)
  • Collaboration (chapter 3)
  • Writing for workplace social media (chapter 4)
  • Document Design (chapter 11 and the Williams book)
  • Instructions and Procedures (chapter 12)
  • Proposals (chapter 13)
  • Report writing (chapter 15)
  • Presentations (chapter 16)

PowerPoint and Images Required (Google Slides & Prezi can be used also)

  • PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi Slides with relevant photos are required.
  • Google images and/or images from your photo collection are expected.  
  • Required Images must be real and relevant pictures that tie in to your talk.
  • Slides must be visually interested, image-heavy, and balanced in terms of space and layout.
  • Feel free to show a video clip.
  • Use design principles for effectiveness.
  • Remember to include mostly bulleted words (or concise phrases) on your slides.
  • Refrain from using dense paragraphs.
  • Slides with words only will result in points deducted.