PowerPoint Presentation for My Dissertation

– 20 min PowerPoint presentation for my dissertation attached Slide 1 – introduce myself and university log Slide 2 – how I was going to approach the presentation (tell them what I’m going to tell them) Slide 3 – introduction to what the dissertation was focussed upon tell (telling them) Slides 4 to 7 – the project definition: 5W/H, hypothesis, scope, etc. (telling them) Slide 8 – Aim & Objectives – these naturally follow on from the definition (telling them) Slide 9 – Approach – as the objectives underpin the aim I dealt with each one in turn. Again 5W/H approach to how I attempted to deal with each objective in turn. Look at each objective in the slide and you will see that I linked each one to a part of the written submission. I discussed some elements of methodology here too. I finished this slide with a discussion of how the objectives did or did not underpin the aim. (telling them) (NOTE THAT AT NO TIME IN THE PRESENTATION DID I READ FROM IT OR JUST TALK ABOUT WHAT WAS IN THERE – IT’S THE ASSESSOR’S JOB TO HAVE READ IT WHILE MARKING). Slide 10 – a discussion about the findings (I discussed some elements of methodology here too) with a final link back to the aim & objectives (next slide) (telling them) Slide 11 – I discussed whether or not I had achieved the aim and/or all of the objectives (telling them) Slide 12 – summarised the lot (reminded them what I told them) I would like to have a speaker point