Philosophical Issues Discussed this Semester

Choose a TV show, book, movie, video game, or societal event or controversy (current or past) as a medium to further explore a philosophical issue we have discussed this semester. a) Examples (so many more possibilities too!): The Matrix, Avengers: Endgame, Back to the Future, West World, Upload, The Giver, Les Miserables, the Civil Rights movement (or more recent protest), the War in Ukraine (or specific event from it), bioethical questions, imaginary scenarios (like teleportation) Identify a precise philosophical issue to explore—one that relates to material with Plato or Aristotle, and compare to the works of Kant and Menkiti a) Compare/contrast how the 3 thinkers you have chosen would react differently to the way the philosophical issue arises in the medium you have chosen, explaining enough of their background views to clarify why each would react this way. b) Creatively analyze how one thinker would respond to the insights of the others, or whether the medium you have chosen supports or undermines any of their views more than the others. (You might do this by “impersonating” each thinker and having them respond to each other directly, or you might offer a third-person analysis of them…) General word count guidelines: minimum 900 (well-used!) words if working individually