Personal statement

Do you have any extra requirements or important details for writing the personal statement? If yes, please specify.

Please write an opening statement that will catch the reviewer’s eye. In the personal statement, could you please write that I show enough interest in the career, for example, by mentioning some of the courses written on the official website or reading a professor’s article.

Since I don’t know much about polymers, could you help me write something academic in the personal statement.

Motivation, enthusiasm, and a clear understanding of why you are making the application to this particular course, and to this particular institution.

1. I want to work in R&D in the future (cosmetics, paints, etc.). When I was an intern at P&G, a colleague studied this subject and said it would be useful for a future career in cosmetics R&D.

2. I became interested in polymers during my internship at Nippon Paint. At that time, I was exposed to some environmentally friendly paints all belonging to polymers, which I found interesting and meaningful as I really like some environmentally friendly things. For example, a material called highly oleophobic resin is an environmentally friendly material developed in response to the threat posed by oil pollution to the environment and human life in recent years. It is a class of polymers that have lipophilic monomers polymerised and cross-linked, and it has a wide range of uses as a polymeric, liquid-absorbent material.

How your academic background and other experiences have shaped your decision to apply and how the course contributes to your plans for the future.

Please refer to the courses on the official website of the course I was applying for and to relate them to my career plan. For example, the course “Principles of Polymers & Composites” will help me to understand the basic structure, composition, properties and uses of common polymers, which will be useful for my future career in cosmetics research and development. During my internship at P&G in the development of cosmetics, I was most exposed to polyethylene glycol, a polymer with excellent lubricity and moisturising properties, which is often used in the formulation of lotions.

Evidence that you have the ability, experience, skills and motivation to successfully contribute to the course, and to complete it.

 I took a course called “Material Science and Mechanical Design” in Year 2, which may have some relevance to this major. The link of the course is shown below:


This course has provided me with a basic understanding of materials science, corrosion and statics. Apply this knowledge to the analysis and design of chemical engineering unit operations through the selection of suitable construction materials. Apply the concept of static equilibrium to process structures. Assess the mechanical behaviour of process structures under loading conditions. Perform mechanical design calculations for structures, columns, pressure vessels, storage tanks and vessel supports.