Peer Article Review

I hope you are doing well, I need peer article review. I essay have clarified with the unit chair that the list of articles for the final assignment writing is available under the ‘Modules’ session–> ‘Unit orientation and general information session,  the document name is ‘Articles for Assessment 3’. You may also try to access it through the link /courses/1458/files/163854 So you will only need to select one article by yourself, and then select another article from this list. I would also attach this document to this announcement.

This is the complete assessment requirements:

Assignment topic

The aim of critical appraisal is to ensure the clinical research articles are reliable, valid and applicable before it is applied to a patient.


In this assignment, you are required to critically appraise 2 peer reviewed journal articles using the criteria given in the rubric.  You must select 1 evidence of your own choosing and another article from the list provided. You are required to  critically appraise, compare, evaluate the credibility and applicability of evidence.   The 2 articles must be attached with this assignment.


Assessment criteria

  • Select two peer reviewed research articles in relation to the topic of your interest in the context of health/nursing.
  • Select a minimum additional 8 literature/research articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic to support your analysis. Your articles must be ≤ 7 years old.
  • Your assignment must have an introduction, body and a conclusion.
  • USE APA FORMAT. Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper
  • The assignment will be marked according to the rubric below.


Assessment Guide/ Appraisal Tool

The critical appraisal tool is provided as an aid which you might like to use when analyzing the article(s).  You might find it useful to use these sub-headings to appraise, compare and evaluate your selected articles using the following items.

  • Authorship

Consider the strengths and limitations of the authors’ expertise, based on their cited qualifications and affiliations and whether there might be possible conflicts of interest for possible grounds for bias in the paper.

  • Research Questions, aims/objectives or hypotheses

Identify the research questions/s, aims or hypotheses underpinning the research and discuss how the author’s justification of their study. That is, 1), the significance of the research topic or problem is identified 2) the research topic is discussed, 3) gaps in the research /literature on the topic have been identified.

  • Research Design

Identify which methodology (qualitative versus quantitative) was used in the articles selected, and whether the authors justified the choice of design as appropriate for answering the research question(s), aims or hypothesis.

  • Data Collection

Identify how the author(s) justified the sampling method, location and means of recruiting participants.

  • Data Analysis

Identify whether the author(s) used any software (NVivo in qualitative study /SPSS in quantitative study) or theoretical construct (in qualitative study) and conceptual framework in (in quantitative study) to analyse their study.

  • Discussion

Identify whether the author(s) had made any limitation/recommendation of the research.

(Students can identify their own recommendation if in their opinions, the 2 selected articles have not sufficiently identified this dimension)