Paper Spring 2021

Listen and watch all of the performance examples.  I would suggest doing this a little at a time, maybe as we study each one of these Eras.

Really listen and observe what you are hearing.  This may take more than once to become familiar with the music or ideas presented.

Write about what you saw and/or heard in each one of the compositions in these Eras.  (some may be grouped, so treat as one composition if you wish)

    Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Early 20th Century , 20th Century

Use the Materials of Music Vocabulary, Elements of Music you observe, or any other reference to discuss what you heard.  For example:  How are particular elements of music used in the composition, does the music reflect the words or title of composition, how is repetition or contrast used?  You may also write about personal observations you made while listening. 

Once you have written about each Era’s example, then compare some of the musical examples from the different eras.  Again, use music vocabulary to describe.  Back up what you are talking about with specific examples.  You should use facts as well as personal observation.  Don’t just say “I liked it” but tell why or why not and describe using music vocabulary. You may write about the composer, piece of music, or really any content that you think would be relevant. 

I am giving you a lot of leeway to choose what you will actually write about and compare.  If you are not sure of the direction you should go, please ask for clarification. 

If you wish to write in the form of a short essay, that is fine:  Introduction, What you are going to talk about, Body of the paper should include examples or points that you are talking about, Conclusion or Summary.

The paper should be at least 3-4 pages of typed text (not including your name, title , or any other similar information).  500 words or more, Double spaced, 1 inch margins, 11 point font, Times New Roman, cite any outside resources that you use that were not included in the video or audio presentation you watched.