1.         From the weekly readings and first e-Activity, provide two (2) examples of the primary manner in which two (2) of the theories support or do not support the definition of a public leader.

2.         From the weekly readings and second e-Activity, speculate upon the degree in which models and / or theories of leadership have influenced public leaders during the Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations. Support your response with two (2) examples of instances of such influence.



·         Read the following articles in Week 1 of the course shell and be prepared to discuss:

o    Teaching Implicit Leadership Theories to Develop Leaders and Leadership: How and Why It Can Make a Difference

o    Influence of Transformational and Transactional Leaderships, and Leaders’ Sex on Organisational Conflict Management Behaviour

o    For the Good or the Bad? Interactive Effects of Transformational Leadership with Moral and Authoritarian Leadership Behaviors

·         Read the article titled, “Public Leadership in Times of Crisis: Mission Impossible?” located at Next, watch the following two (2) videos: “The American President (Know the Difference)” (3 min 45 s) and “AMERICA IS GONE!! Listen to this…It is over! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!” (5 min 07 s). Be prepared to discuss.

o    Video Source: Brian Flores. (2008, August 20). The American President (Know the Difference) [Video file]. Retrieved from


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