Obesity health promotion plan case study

MVU NURS 610 Week 3: Obesity Health Promotion Plan Case Study

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Make sure you use APA format for in-text citations and references, and have good sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and content.

Nutritional Status

  • Calculate Jessica’s BMI and growth percentiles.
  • Determine her recommended daily guidelines.
  • Determine her recommended daily intake.
  • Compare what is happening with what is recommended.

Analyze Exercise Status

  • Calculate Jessica’s current activity status.
  • Determine the daily recommended TV/screen time for a child this age.
  • Determine the daily recommended activity level for a child this age.

Develop a Healthcare Promotion Plan

  • Include a sample menu for one day
  • Explain how you would engage the family.
  • How would you recommend increasing Jessica’s daily activity requirements?


  • What exercise or nutritional apps do you feel would be the most helpful for this family? Why?


  • When would you like to see them back in your office?
  • What would define as success or that Jessica is on the right track?
  • If she is not, what are the next steps?


Include at least three scholarly references, preferably from provider-based or NP-based journals.