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Write 2-3 pages paper on the following Instructions. Must include 2-3 references in APA. Must address each and every thing in the instructions properly. Please use headings before describing each new section. Your Answer must be 100% original.


There are many differences with the measurement of assets between IFRS and U.S. GAAP. For each of the following topics, please describe how it would be handled with both sets of standards, and provide a minimum of 2 examples of issues surrounding the first time adoption of IFRS:

·         Inventories (IAS 2)

o    Expense recognition

o    Restructuring

o    Costs included in inventory

·         Property, plant, and equipment (IAS 16)

o    Cost elements

o    Cost measurements

o    Depreciation (component)

·         Investments (IAS 40)

o    Fair value model (FVM) versus cost model

·         Borrowing costs (IAS 23)

·         Intangible assets (IAS 38)




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