My thoughts on Effective Leadership

My thoughts on effective leadership.


  1. Make a list of the people that you know (or know of) who you consider to be effective leaders. Choose two of these people and determine which leadership style to they ascribed to. Did they have specific leadership traits, did they use a contingency approach to leadership, were they charismatic leaders?
  2. Refer to some of the leaders depicted in the websites that follow – what leadership style did or does each one follow? What were the consequences of their approach to leadership?

Oprah Winfrey –

Adolph Hitler –,9171,760539,00.html

Wayne Gretzky –

Florence Nightingale –

Karima A. Velji – 2016 Canadian Nurses Association President –

  1. After reviewing the above websites, did you see any consistency in these individuals’ leadership styles? Do you consider them leaders?

After you complete the application exercise, summarize the key findings you discovered in doing the exercise

A posting that achieves the maximum value will be succinct and insightful, showing clearly how you have applied theory learned in the course to the practical situation Specific examples are encouraged ( nurse in charge )  . All postings should be in scholarly format (that is, free of typos and errors in grammar and spelling etc.).


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