Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet

Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet (Instructor Provided Version) (Due on Monday, March 24)

o    Resources: Racial and Ethnic Groups

§  Optional Resource: Culturegrams at UOP library

o    Select and research four ethnic groups discussed in Chapters 6 – 14 of Racial and Ethnic Groups. 

o    Complete the Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet provided by the instructor under the Course Materials Thread in the Main Discussion Forum.

§  * Please note this worksheet has been modified somewhat for the purposes of this class.  You must use the version provided by the instructor in the Course Materials Thread in the Main Discussion Forum.  If you use the unmodified version provided on the University website, you will be unable to complete the assignment properly and will not receive full credit.

o    Format any references consistent with APA guidelines.


Part I – Matrix: Select and identify four groups in the left-hand column. Using information from Class text (chapters 6-14) and Culturegrams**, Complete the matrix by answering each of the four questions in the matrix for each group.

Part II – Summary: After completing your matrix, Write a 500-750 word summary, in paragraph form, using the space provided briefly addressing each of the following elements to some degree.  You should include each of the six elements below, but do not structure your summary based on these six points; rather, incorporate them into a larger meta-analysis of all the groups in your Matrix, during which time you address each of these key points in the course of your summary.  I will be assessing how well you make connections between each group and are able to analyze the similarities and differences of each group’s experiences in the United States.  Use the information contained in Part I of the matrix to inform your essay in part II, but do not simply repeat the information in Part I back to me verbatim.  I’m looking for your ability to synthesize information here, not simply repeat it.

             a.        How U.S. society used each group’s culture to construct the group identity

b.         How each group been stereotyped,

c.         How accurate the stereotypes are, and

d.         How the social concept of race relates to each group (if applicable – remember that race and ethnicity are different and distinct)

 e.        How have these groups faced prejudices, and

 f.         How have the behavior and thinking patterns of U.S. culture applied to each group, especially regarding class systems and employment?.


Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines.


** (available through the UOP library under the ‘Culturegrams’ tab at the following link: )


Or, depending on your browser settings,  if the direct link does not work for you:


1)     Go to the UOP library home page at:

2)     Under the heading ‘Library Resources,’ Left-click on the link for ‘Country Profiles and Economic data’(5th from the top in the left column)


3)     Under the heading ‘’Country Profiles and Economic Data,’ click on ‘Culturegrams’ (2nd from the top) 

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