Motivation and Empowerment

Motivation and Empowerment

Leaders must often motivate team members to perform at their optimal levels and remain engaged. Motivation can be broken down into two types of motivators–internal and external or intrinsic and extrinsic. Given what you are learning in this class, write a paper describing a system designed for motivation and empowerment in your organization. In your assessment address the following questions:

  • What would you do to make your team members excited about the work?
  • Find some examples of each type of motivator, and which is more powerful for leaders to use?

Based on your experiences in teams or organizations, which types of motivators are used most often?


Needs in-text citations and references in APA format.  Also needs headings.  


Name of Paper (center this in the middle of the paper) 

Write an introduction which tells the reader what will be addressed in the paper. 

Emotional Intelligence Analysis 
In this area…Write about the first area in the rubric which is … Analyzed and outlined how the leader handled his or her emotions, how did the team deal with emotions and justified how leaders enhance team EI along with specific examples. 

Leader Communication Style 
In this area ..Write about the first area in the rubric which is…. Analyzed and described the leaders’ communication style as whether persuasive, manipulative, or coercive. 

Team Communication Style 
In this area…Write about the first area in the rubric which is … Analyzed and identified the most dominant communication style within the team. Analyzed and inferred how the leaders’ communication style affects the team. 

Philosophy, Style, and Action Steps 
In this area..Write about the first area in the rubric which is … Analyzed and identified the type of philosophy held by leaders and other members of the team, the type of leadership style being presented and the action steps which would help enhance the leadership style in the team. 

Wrap up your paper reviewing the key aspects of your paper 

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